Christ Church

The most unique features of Bonnie Doon are the township’s three historic places of worship. Located at the water’s edge, amicably side-by-side, the Anglican, Uniting and Catholic Churches date back to pioneer days and pay tribute to the cooperative community spirit of the area’s early settlers. 

Upon entering Christ Church, your focus is instantly drawn to the altar wall with its plain cross, and to the holy table and pulpit with their decorations of simple, yet meaningful, Christian symbols. The white walls and the soft warm glow of natural wood create a feeling of welcoming country authenticity often lacking in more elaborately embellished places of worship.

Many of the interior features of Christ Church bear witness to the contributions of Bonnie Doon’s parishioners. The altar wall and the cross, the altar rail, the hymn board, the collection plates, the chalice and sacramental cross, all came as offerings from individuals and their families. 

The entire congregation shared the expense of a pedal organ so their singing of hymns could be appropriately accompanied. 

 As fitting for a down-to-earth country church, the three panels of the timber altar express fundamental Christian beliefs without unnecessary embellishments.