Maindample Victoria

Maindample History and  Things to See and Do Maindample was named after the Maindample Pastoral Run near the twin hills known as The Paps and was first surveyed as a township and area in 1875. However, the township was well and truly established by 1868 with the gold rush era and boasted five hotels and three stores with an estimated 1000 … Read More

Merton, Victoria

Merton is a small town on the west of Bonnie Doon. It is one of the gateways to Mansfield Shire and is the first town you’ll came across when approaching the Shire from Melbourne.  Set on the foothills of the Strathbogie Ranges in north-east of Victoria. To the Southeast lies Lake Eildon, and it is also near to Mount Samaria State Park. It is approximately a two hour drive to … Read More

Hot Air Ballooning

This is an experience which you will certainly not forget. Picture yourself floating gently and peacefully across the land laid out in miniature for your inspection patch work of colors and patterns. Time seems to stand still as you are suspended between earth and sky. Weather permitting, take off is at dawn and flights, ranging from 30-60 minutes. Experience and enjoy … Read More

Adrenalin Quad Bikes

Feel the thrill and exhilaration of riding off road with Adrenalin Quad Bikes. Is a real adventure what you are looking for? Go riding with Adrenalin Quad Bikes on 450 acres of exhilarating off road tracks. No previous experience is required, just a desire to do something different, challenging and above all great fun! All bikes are fully automatic and … Read More

Fishing and Watersports

Bonnie Doons proximity to Lake Eildon, Lake Nillahcootie and the Goulburn, Howqua and Delatite Rivers make it an ideal base for lake, river and fly fishing.